Fibre Stories is weaved by parents with two young kids.

As parents we were really concerned with how our kids engaged with every day household things and we soon realized that parents of other young children felt the same lack of options. 
We realised one of the things young kids spend most of their time on is 'bedsheets' and studies prove that bedsheets trap a lot bacterias which leads to coughing, allergies, sneezing and what not. It felt like we HAD to do something to make things better. We also wanted to start a business which could be a force for good.
We started working on this project in 2018 - we tested our products at least a 100 times before we decided to launch it - we've used it for our kids, our friends have tried it and we've also tested the fabric for its antibacterial properties.
As per lab reports, our bedsheets possess 99% antibacterial properties and it is made of 100% breathable fibres.